Andromeda polifolia Blue Ice (2lt)


Selected in the USA for its outstanding powdery blue foliage with lots of bright pink flowers in early spring. Moist acidic soil in sun or shade. Height and spread to around 30cm x 40cm. Excellent ..

Andromeda polifolia Compacta (2lt)


Clusters of urn shaped, icing sugar, pink flowers in late spring/early summer. This compact form of bog rosemary is a fabulous evergreen shrub suited to moist acidic rockeries in sun or part shade...

Anthyllis hermanniae Minor (7.5lt)


An unusual wiry stemmed compact shrub ideal for rockeries or pots. Grows as a neat low dome of tangled stems with tiny oval leaves. In spring and early summer the whole bush is covered in a mas..

Aralia elata (3lt)


Japanese Angelica Tree. Huge leaf branches top spiny stems (commonly known as Devils walking sticks!) Broadly pinnate leaves are arranged in opposite pairs along the leaf branches that can be up to..

Aronia x prunifolia Brilliant (3lt)


Grows to become an open deciduous bush with starry white flowers in spring followed by large bright red berries in summer that are good for jam making and have excellent antioxidant properties! Sup..

Aucuba japonica Crotonifolia (3lt)


Leaves large & boldly spotted and blotched with gold. A useful and resilient evergreen that will grow in sun or shade. Drought tolerant with a height and spread to around 3m when fully grown.&n..

Aucuba japonica Golden King (2lt)


Good pronounced golden variegationon on this male form of laurel. Any soil in part or total shade...

Aucuba japonica Sulphurea Marginata (3lt)


Medium sized evergreen female form. The foliage is splashed and edged with gold. Will grow in any soil or position, especially shade. Height 1.5m. ..

Azara microphylla (17lt)


Box leaf Azara. Upright evergreen shrub or small tree with toothed, dark green leaves. Clusters of vanilla-scented greenish yellow flowers in spring. Height and spread to around 5m x 2m. Full s..

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